//  Origin: MD
//  Genres:  ALL
//  Years Active:  1997- Present
//  Label:  Kiid Kreatiivez Network LLC
//  Website: rondothakiid.com

Underneath this all, were all the same spirit and energy... We must dig through these shells to who we are and make the true connection.. Treating yourself may feel like work when you first start. Never quit though. Self edification is the only true and most important work! From an early age music comforted me and it inspired me to share a message of truth and freedom. I am a creative from the DMV who's actively pursuing a platform to boldly share art. Music has always given me what I needed in the moment and comforted me when I was without...a meal, shelter, a friend, a mother, a father, a love. These moments ignited a passion in me to shatter social norms and confront the issues without fear through music. And because of all the situations in my life, I was forced to learn some difficult lessons and I want to share my experiences and the wisdom I gained through many different forms of creativity. I want to build a production company and create premium, futuristic content and inspire others to build a contagious breed of billionaires. I also have a podcast that encourages everyone to be free without conforming or sacrificing their comfort because of what is expected by this f****d society. Alot of these podcasts and these “news” / “media” people broadcasting, speak on the same topics and dissect and comb over these same “Pop Culture” stories all the way down to the particle; to one atom. I’m literally giving you guys my real life, my real struggle and triumph while producing content with no help, no budget and provoking courage within myself so that it inspires the world to manifest into what it wants to be truly.... Full of love and positivity. But what will not happen is people try to control me and tell me how I’m going to do this. Telling me how to talk and telling me how to do me. At the end of the day, if you don’t get it - you don’t get it. It’s not on me to change. There’s a thin line between being “likable” and listening to people and being controlled and compromising your heart, art and who you are for someone else’s appeasement.I want to encourage everyone to be free without conforming or sacrificing their comfort because of what is expected. I plan to share my music and build an artist friendly community. It is my desire to create a place that makes it safe, free, and easy for talented artist to blossom into their own boss and pioneer for their own careers and others they support. Please partner with me in the pursuit of my dreams and in creating better tomorrows.




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