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"I'd be glad to hear anything you have to say regarding collaboration, my music or anything else just please get back to me thank youu!!"

- Rondo Tha Kiid ,Independent Artist & CEO of Kiid Kreatiivez Network LLC

From an early age music comforted me and it inspired me to share a message of truth and freedom. I am a 22 year old creative from the DMV who's actively pursuing a platform to boldly share art. Music has always given me what I needed in the moment and comforted me when i was without...a meal, shelter, a friend, a mother, a father, a love. These moments ignited a passion in me to shatter social norms and confront the issues without fear through music. And because of all the situations in my life, I was forced to learn some difficult lessons and I want to share my experiences and the wisdom I gained. I want to encourage everyone to be free without conforming or sacrificing their comfort because of what is expected by this f****d society.